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Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation

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Vancouver real estate-maybe; West Vancouver real estate-maybe; but a Burnaby home for $25 million dollars????

Coming home from my run (okay with the twin pregnancy it is now more of a shuffle but you get the idea) this morning, I grabbed the newspaper from my mailbox to see a real estate price so shocking that the Vancouver Sun thought it deserved front page coverage!!!!  A house in Burnaby-and not one of the homes with the amazing wide open views-for $25 million dollars....

Now I was born and raised in Vancouver and have lived in most municipalities in the Lower Mainland and in my opinion, there is NO house in Burnaby that justifies that kind of price tag! Okay the house is huge but who needs that size house (14,000+ square feet)?  I always try to get my client to buy a property where they are putting most of their money into the purchase of the land/location-especially if they are buying in the luxury price ranges.  $25 million???? Burnaby????  There have been some beautiful waterfront homes in West Van worthy of that kind of price tag but just off Burris in Burnaby...sorry, I just don't see it- I couldn't sleep at night if I sold that to a client without go through in detail all the reasons why I didn't think they should buy it.....but that's just my opinion....

(for more information on this home, see cover story Vancouver Sun, Sept 2/08)