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Barry Mugshot

 Barry Houlihan

 Licensed Realtor
 Email: home4sale@shaw.ca
 Cell: 604-290-8733

Based on the theory that two Houlihans are better than one, Ba
rry has joined our team.    Friendly sibling rivalry pushes Patricia and Barry to work even harder to provide  exceptional results and highest level of service for our clients.  Barry was born in BC and  raised in Vancouver taking brief forays out of the country to play football at the University  of Washington and for the Green Bay Packers.  After returning to Vancouver to play for the  Lions, Barry spent almost 20 years in Vancouver radio and television before following in  his father's footsteps and going into real estate.  Barry has spent 17 years as a top  realtor achieving the Real Estate Board's Master Medallion status (over 10 consecutive  years in the top 10% of realtors).  He has an extensive background in voluntary charitable  work and a passion for marketing real estate and serving clients at an exceptional level.

ac.jpgAllison Chu
Unlicensed Assistant
Email: clientservices@vancouverviews.ca
Office: 604-971-2683

Allison moved to Vancouver in 2015 from Hong Kong where she has lived for over 18 years.  She grew up in Ontario where she studied and received her degree in Engineering.  She brings with her a diverse background in professional marketing, sales and project management.  Allison is fluent in Cantonese.  With her experience and background, Allison is in the best position to understand customer requirements and provide an excellent customer care and devotion to client needs.

Alexander Sutton
Unlicensed Assistant
Email: clientservices@vancouverviews.ca
Office: 604-971-2683

Alex grew up in Richmond. With his family’s background being Real Estate, it is only natural for him to chase after the same path. Having two generations of Realtors before him, Alex has gain extensive knowledge through working with his family. With partial completion of his BBA in Economics, Alex felt it was only right to put his BBA on hold to finish his studies in Urban Land Economics; and, later a BBA in Real Estate. Through studies and work, Alex knows that working smart is a major key to success. Alex understands one simple rule “quality wins”, he is devoted to his craft to achieve world class for clients.

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