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Green Building 101

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | October 4th, 2007


I just found out about this and thought I would pass it on to all of our clients.  As advertised on the realtors' website. See below




Green Building 101

A two-hour, non-technical workshop for homeowners, apartment-dwellers and anyone else interested in learning how to "green" their home!

Aug 18 10-12PM | Aug 28 6:30-8:30PM | Sept 15 10-12PM | Sept 24 5:30-7:30PM |
Sept 29 10-12PM | Oct 15 5:30-7:30PM | Oct 20 10-12PM | Oct 27 10-12PM |
Nov 3
10-12PM | Nov 19 5:30-7:30PM | Nov 24 10-12PM

Cost of the workshop is $26 including a course workbook. Register online at:


Guest Expert Speaker Series

Every week, a different green building professional visits Light House to talk about the latest trends and answer questions. Open to everyone!

Aug 18 2–4 PM

Scott Graham— Solar Thermal Heating Systems for Domestic and Commercial Purposes

This seminar will provide an overview of Solar Thermal Heating Systems for both domestic and commercial purposes. Solar Thermal Heating Systems is one of the most ecological and cost effective ways to lower your family's consumption of fossil fuels. Using the renewable energy of the sun to pre-heat the water you use on a daily basis will result in a measurable reduction of your greenhouse gas emissions. Also, by using the free energy provided by the sun, your household utility bills will be significantly reduced. Commercial operations can also take advantage of the sun's energy to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Aug 25 2-4 PM

Richard Clarke—Sustainable Energy in BC

Richard from the BC Sustainable Energy Association will discuss sustainable energy and what works in BC, including wind power, solar hot water and solar photo-voltaic. He will also discuss some of the BCSEA's current projects and how you can get involved - such as engaging the municipalities of GVRD and the Climate Change Game, an educational program taken to over 100 schools and reducing more than 4000 tonnes of G-Hogs (greenhouse gases).

Sept 8 2-4 PM

André LaRivière —Eating out, eating green: building a more sustainable food system, one take-out/sit-down meal at a time

What defines a "green" restaurant? It starts with the conscious desire of a growing number of chefs and restaurateurs for clear, measurable steps to effectively reduce their operations' impact on the environment. This seminar will focus on the topic of making sustainable choices when dining out, whether for a take-out or sit-down meal. Participants will also be given tips on how to bring these sustainable initiatives from the restaurant to their home kitchen.

Sept 15 2-4 PM

Christine Thuring—Ecological Design: Habitat restoration and living architecture in the Pacific Northwest

Meet green roof specialist and plant ecologist, Christine Thuring, for a talk about the integration of ecological applications and functions into our built environment. In addition to their environmental, economic and social benefits, green roofs and living walls present a new dimension on which to create archipelagos of habitat for our native flora and fauna. By targeting vital food source plants for butterflies, for example, we may support metapopulations of rare or threatened species and bolster population resilience and foodweb structure. This presentation will outline the basics of rooftop greening and take the audience through the development of this locally emerging industry to a hopeful vision of the future.

Sept 22 2-4PM


Sept 29 2-4PM

Stephen Geiger—Fossil Free GVRD

SHIFT was initiated in 2006 by a group of concerned and motivated people who saw a need for a more collective approach in taking action on climate change in the Greater Vancouver bioregion. Its goal is to involve all sectors of society to identify and implement local solutions to climate change that are on the same scale as the problem. SHIFT is developing a bottom-up action plan that identifies the most effective measures required to reduce GHG emissions in the GVRD by 90%+ by 2025. Stephen Geiger from SHIFT will provide an overview of the SHIFT initiative, discuss similar models in Europe, review research completed to date on the current emissions profile for the bioregion, and present potential measures to achieve large scale emission reductions. He will also discuss ideas for engaging organizations, communities and individuals to work together on climate change in the region.

Suggested donation is $2 - $5. Register by phone or email
T: 604.682.5960 / E: info@sustainablebuildingcentre.com


All Green Building 101 and Guest Expert Seminars are held at
Light House Sustainable Building Centre

1575 Johnston Street on Granville Island
(East of the Public Market, above Roger's Chocolates