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No More Green Lip Service In 2008

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | January 10th, 2008

Was 2007 the year of living green or just talking about living green? It seems to me that after 17 years of practicing environmental law and not being able to understand how people couldn't get the issues, now environmental issues are everywhere.  The media which was generally in the past doing almost nothing to help get the word out is now almost (if this is possible!) over reporting some issues..... In 2007 green messages of environmentally friendly living were pervasive as companies, marketers, politicians and the media all pledged to fight global warming.  However many activists feel that even though awareness is increasing in 2008 steps need to be taken to create a fiscal and social infrastructure that will allow Canadians to live green.


Chris Winter of the Conservation Council of Ontario said, "The whole ability to adopt a conserver lifestyle depends on having that support structure there".  Green infrastructure includes such things as auto-sharing programs, companies that sell green power and organizations that deliver or sell local foods. Government regulations on everything from energy efficient light bulbs to carbon taxes to offset green initiatives are also needed to act as a catalyst for the creation of a green infrastructure.


Winter is launching a new website, www.weconserve.ca, that asks Canadians to undertake a 10-point self-assessment test on how green they're living.  "It's looking at 10 categories where we have our greatest impact and we can make the greatest change in terms of adopting conserver solutions" said Winter.  Right now is a great time to asses your own green practices and decide what areas you want to improve on in the new year.  I figure that I will likely never be perfect in this regard but I try to just improve as much as I can as I go along in life.


If you are looking to make real change in 2008 take heart that it doesn't all have to be about sacrifice.  Experts say an environmentally friendly lifestyle can mean not only lower household bills but also improved mental and physical health when making a change like giving up driving to walk or bike to work.


Winter says not to worry if you score low on the weconserve test because the goal, "is not to become perfect, just to become better".  Hopefully 2008 will see a shift from green talk to green action!


Take the conservation test and take action at http://www.weconserve.ca/


(All cited quotes & figures are from Environment tops for Canadians but experts hope people make real efforts in 2008 - The Canadian Press, Dec 18)