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Vancouver Waterfront, like all waterfront needs protection from climate change!

Blog by Patricia Houlihan - Personal Real Estate Corporation | February 12th, 2008

Well they say that the real estate market will be greatly affected by climate change.... And the communities along Vancouver's waterfront, will likely suffer more than many inland communities.


Did you know that each Canadian, generates on average five tonnes of greenhouse gases a year?  That makes each of us partially responsible for climate change and the shrinking ice caps, floods and hurricanes that are coming with it.


The good news is that we can redeem ourselves without having to make drastic changes to our lifestyles.  Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has released some energy saving ideas that we can all use to reduce carbon emissions and save money. 


When buying appliances think green and choose the most energy efficient models, which can save up to 400 kg of CO2 per year.  Also try wrapping your hot water heater in a thermal blanket so you can turn down the heater and save money on hot water bills. There are lots of tips around (David Suzuki has recently been doing a broader "Small Steps" series in the Vancouver Sun for example)-we are trying to compile a lot of this information at www.livegreennow.ca and welcome any input/ideas.


There are multiple benefits to making energy saving home improvements like reducing your energy bills and green house gas emissions!  Anyone need more reasons?