Waterfront Vancouver and borrowing against equity to invest

March 26th, 2007

Some of you reading this may own waterfront; the rest probably aspire to own waterfront-and for good reason-it is generally the best real estate you can buy and goes up tremendously in value.   So if you have it-great-especially if it is your principal residence; if you don't then we would be happy to help you get some as soon as possible!

Our goal is always to get our clients into the ...

Vancouver Waterfront and EPIC

March 20th, 2007
Few people have as much reason  to worry about the environment than the waterfront home owner!  While I think everyone should be concerned about the environment, those living on waterfront properties can be directly affected by water pollution and fisheries impacts.  This past weekend, the first EPIC (Ethical Progressive Intelligent Consumer) tradeshow was held in Vancouver. EPIC is an offs ...