Want to live a little greener this holiday season?

November 29th, 2007
I was just writing a blog about how to minimize the impacts of the holidays-Christmas and others-on the environment.  Of course there are the obvious things that many have been doing for years-minimize the use of lights and using energy efficient lights, use cartoons from the newspaper as wrapping (my mom used to look for cartoons or articles that would be significant to the recipient-some of ...

World of Real Estate

November 29th, 2007

A week away from Vancouver real estate to learn about what's going on in the "world" (literally) of real estate!


Last week I attended the National Association of Realtors conference in Las Vegas.  After I recovered from my amazement at the level of environmental damage caused just in the small area of the Vegas strip (neon signs beyond belief and way too much water sucking, pes ...

Always get a Home Inspection!!!

November 27th, 2007

NO matter how desperately you want to buy waterfront in Vancouver, always get a Home Inspection!  (even if you are in a multiple offer situation buying waterfront-unless you are going to tear the house down)


A recent article in the Vancouver Sun emphasized the importance of a home inspection.  It suggested that if you are buying, selling or renovating a property a home ins ...